Le Casier 9

Web Gallery for the students at Ecole des arts et media de Caen / Cherbourg.

Every other month, the students could contribute to exhibitions in response to a theme such as absence or movement. There were no selections made of the students applications, all contributions were included.

The team included Sandy Kalaydjian, Lola Jacrot, Olivier Le Borgne, Stanca Soare and myself.

To advertise the open call we created posters through researching the dictionary definitions of each themes word and using images that evoke the themes meaning. As soon as the works were gathered, the team members began formatting the content to be published and prepared flyers. I was in charge of curating and uploading the content online.

My roles: Curation of the online exhibition, content-management, web development, design of the publication and social media communication.


Le Casier 9 - Main page of Movment exhibition Le Casier 9 - logo Le Casier 9 - Set of flyers 7,5 x 5 cm Le Casier 9 - Art work page view