Le Massacre de Pangbourne

The assignment was to create two different stories using elements of design inspired from one unique text and one HTML file.

The three short extracts, that come from the novella Running Wild by J.G. Ballard in which he tells the story of an investigation that takes place in the Pangbourne Village, a highly protected estate. In the novella, a terrible tragedy happened where all the adults were murdered and the children have disappeared. The selected passages depict the architecture, ambiance and structure of the city and I juxtaposed them with images from the University of Bergen, in order to change the meaning of the images and create alternative narratives.

The first layout is inspired from the concept of ‘Hypermediacy’ explained in the book Remediation: Understanding New Media, as:

“In current interfaces, windows multiply on the screen: it is not unusual for sophisticated users to have ten of more overlapping or nested windows open at one time. The multiple representations inside the windows (text, graphics, video) create a heterogeneous space, as they compete for the viewer’s attention. Icons, menus, and toolbars add further layers of visual and verbal meaning.” (Bolter and Grusin 1999, 32).

By creating a desktop interface, my intention is to shift the position of the viewers perspective, instead of receiving information from the outside, the viewer is given the illusion of being able to organize and change the information themselves and therefore become the detectives of the story.

The second layout takes its inspiration from an old detective report. The surveillance camera at the top, together with images of the university suggests that we are, in fact, part of a society of surveillance in ‘real life’, outside of the story.Since the principal audience of the website arewas people studying or working at the University of Bergen, the adaption of the images with the addition of text created a feeling of the ‘uncanny’ , as Freud would describe it, ‘the strangeness of the ordinary, the familiar’(Das Unheimliche, Freud 1988)

My roles: concept, design and photographs


Le Massacre de Pangbourne - Overview of the Hypermediacy part Le Massacre de Pangbourne - Overview 2 of the Hypermediacy part Le Massacre de Pangbourne - Overview of the Detective Report part