EarthAct vs Societe General

From an article about a recent event, the assignment was to create two opposite worlds telling two different version of the same event, focusing on persuasion and classical concepts of rhetoric.

On the 14th of December, in Paris, les Amis de la Terre and Action Non-Violente COP21, gathered around one thousand climate activists in front of the Societe General, the French banks central branch, in order to denounce its involvement in financing ‘dirty’ energy such as coal and shale gas. The protesters goal was to try and make visible the banks failure to inform its customers what it was investing in with their clients savings. The protest was covered by journalists live on Youtube which is how I heard about it. After the event, I looked for more information and found a complete report written and published by Reporterre, an independent ecological online newspaper. I was able to gather information about the banks perspective through their twitter feed throughout the protest and their infographics.

EarthAct is a fictitious ecological organization fighting against climate change and helping people change their life-style. The article explains how bad fossil energy is and how switching bank could help people reduce their carbon footprint. From the other perspective, Societe General explain how natural gas is a transitional energy on the path to sustainability.

My roles: concept design and development.

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