HjelpOs is designed as a web platform which enables people to connect and help one another with small jobs and services that have to be completed in a relatively short time, inspired by platforms such as zebras and oxpeckers.

HjelpOs is created to be mobile friendly as its functionality is best suited to the mobility and convenience of smartphones. The user has the possibility to browse through other peoples help requests, ask for help themselves, update their profile and chat with other users.

HjelpOs began as a group project at UiB started with Viljar Tornøe. Since then I have completed the project and improved its design for my final portfolio.

My roles: concept and development of the login and registration system, the posts feed, the profile edit form, and the inbox and chat system.


HjelpOs - overview of the entrance page HjelpOs - posts feed on mobile HjelpOs - on going request HjelpOs - chat on mobile HjelpOs - opened menu on mobile