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Hello! I am a passionate Fullstack web developer based in beautiful Hamburg, Germany!

Since my youngest age, I have learned how to make websites, following my brother’s steps. A bachelor in France and a master in Norway of Fine Arts taught me all I had to know about design and gave me great attention to detail. To complete my education and professionalize my assets, I completed two courses about Web Design with the best grades possible.

I am experienced in programming languages, including:

  • HTML
  • CSS & Sass
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript, ES6 & AJAX
  • React.js

Websites are more than lines of codes for me, thus I always:

  • administrate the database and write the best architecture tree possible
  • create responsive designs with Figma
  • implement high standard accessibility following the WC3 guidelines
  • care for inclusiveness
  • troubleshoot and debug for every browser and device possible
  • follow best coding practices
  • optimize for SEO search
  • optimize web performance
  • train my clients to use their website to the fullest and provide them with a guideline document
  • advice on web sustainability

I am always adding new skills to my professional range. I have recently completed the React.js Bootcamp on scrimba.com, and I am currently reading thoughtfully Clean Code by Robert C. Martin.

Additionally, I love to go to exhibitions and discover artists (my most recent favorite is Rosa Barba!). In that vein, after my master's, I created an online art gallery to support artists and help them create artworks with code: WAAW Gallery.

My Github: https://github.com/grosset-floriane
My Twitter: @FlosWebdesign
My Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/floriane-grosset/

Floriane Grosset